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Michael Scheper

Software Engineer
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I have developed software, both for the web and the desktop, for some 20 years.

The bulk of my recent experience has been with Java technology (14 years), including web applications (Spring, JSP, etc.) and Java Swing. I am also very experienced with front-end web development (HTML/AJAX/CSS/JavaScript/jQuery), and quite at home with Python, SQL and other languages. My experience spans the front-end/back-end dichotomy but I specialise in User Interface (UI) development, and am especially familiar with i18n/internationalisation and a11y accessibility issues.

I am available for contracts in Sydney, or remotely elsewhere in Australia, New Zealand and the United States, without visa restrictions. I am also interested in longer-term part-time and freelance work.


You can contact me by e-mailing , or via my LinkedIn page.